sabato 17 febbraio 2018

About of "Capitulare de Villis"

 In the Capitulare de Villis, the law which Charlemagne used to define social and productive life in Aquisgrana through its Ministeria, there is a list of plants that were supposed to be grown in Aquisgrana.
Almost all of these plants were exclusively suited to the Mediterranean climate and would have never survived in Aachen.
Also, the Capitulare describes the organization and the control, both administrative and agricultural, of the Aquisgrana ager (countryside): the Palatium of Aquisgrana at the center of a network of Ministeria (an organization that can be found exclusively in the Piceno area) where the iudices exercised both judiciary and administrative power, reporting directly to Charlemagne.
Identifying Aquisgrana with Aachen would render the Capitulare de Villis completely false since, unlike in the Chienti valley, a similar structure never existed in Germany nor there are any traces or memory of it.

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